Secured credit cards are designed for users with limited or poor credit history to build a new credit history, so they require a refundable deposit.

These cards have few benefits since they are designed to demonstrate good financial habits that gradually create and generate a better credit score.

Benefits of secured credit cards

· Improve a bad credit score
· Acquire correct financial habits
· Easy approval thanks to the previous deposit required

Frequent questions

How to choose a secured credit card?

First, you must choose a card with a pre-deposit cost according to your pocket; Generally, this payment will equal the credit limit obtained with the card. And while most of these have no benefits, some do.

What credit score do I need to apply for?

The recommended credit score ranges to apply to this category are 300-670, As well as people who don't have a score.

How can I improve my score with a secured card?

Among the recommended steps to manage a secured card well are: to pay installments on time and whole, not overspend, and avoid inactivity.

How fast can I build credit?

About your credit history: If you have bad or no credit, it will take less time than someone carrying a list of unpaid bills or accounts.

What happens if they deny my application?

The issuer will be responsible for explaining the decision as required by law. This lets you know where to correct the situation or correct the information if appropriate.

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