Having an excellent credit score means being able to choose from the best financial products and services. The variety of credit cards available to those with excellent credit tends to have the lowest interest rates, welcome bonuses, lucrative rewards, and luxury benefits.

Once you've chosen the card that best suits your spending habits, it's essential to maintain that excellent credit. In addition to paying your card on time and having a minimum balance, consolidate smaller debts and ensure that your total debt does not exceed 20% of your annual income.

The benefit of credit cards for excellent credit

Luxury benefits such as VIP access at airports, reduced rates on trips or purchases in exclusive stores, extended warranties, and car rental insurance

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What mistakes do people with excellent credit make?

Here are some key points if you want to get a great credit card:

· Avoid listing someone you trust as an authorized user of your card, as you're missing out on rewards for their spending.

· If you're not checking out the new card options on the market, you may be missing out on better rewards than the current ones.

· You're not taking full advantage of your excellent credit by keeping a card that doesn't meet your needs, like an annual fee card you don't really use.

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