Unlike other rewards credit cards, cash back credit cards offer points or miles redeemable for purchases; that is, they return to the cardholder a specific amount in dollars for each asset in certain establishments.

The cashback works like a refund. Because reward points often come with many restrictions on how they can be redeemed, some people may prefer the simplicity of a rebate card.

Benefits of cash back credit cards

· Easy and direct to use
· Low or no annual fees
· Attractive welcome bonuses

Frequent questions

How to choose a cash back credit card?

If you prefer simplicity when it comes to having a card, you can see many benefits in a good credit card with cash back. Flat fee cash back cards with no annual fee are a great option for someone who wants to earn rewards without thinking too much. Certain cards in this category can help you "set it and forget it" by automating bill payments and rewards redemptions.

Do cash back cards give you money?

When redeeming cash back rewards, you'll have a variety of options, all depending on your issuer. One of the most commonly used options is a statement credit on your credit card balance, which can be used to offset previous purchases. While you may not receive cash, you can often receive rewards in the form of a check or direct deposit to a designated checking account.

Do cash back rewards expire?

Yes, the refund can expire. The best cash back cards often offer rewards that keep going, but that's not a given. With some cards, your rewards may expire after a specified time or after an extended period of card inactivity.

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