Business credit cards help small business owners get the most out of everyday spending by earning valuable rewards like airline miles and cash back. The best business credit cards have various benefits to help you better manage your business finances, including low introductory APRs, expense tracking, and more.

So whether you're self-employed or running your own company with multiple employees, this category is for you.

Benefits of business credit cards

· Help improve business credit score.
· Fiscal benefits
· Lucrative rewards

Frequent questions

How to choose a business credit card?

A specific business card is essential to track and manage business expenses. Business credit cards may also have benefits that appeal to small business owners, such as free employee cards and expense-tracking tools.

Can I apply for a business card if I don't have a business?

Technically no. But for "business," we can find different definitions for obtaining a credit card. Here we can see side jobs like walking dogs, owning an Etsy shop, or mowing the lawn. If you make money legally, it counts as a legitimate business.

Can a business card affect my score?

Yes, there are several ways a business credit card can affect your credit. And whether that impact is negative or positive depends on how you use it.

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