There are many factors to consider when deciding which airline card is best for you. Choose a co-branded card or at least partner with an airline that offers frequent service to your nearest (or preferred) airport. It would help if you also had an idea of what you are looking for in terms of card benefits and realistically assess whether these align with your spending and travel habits.

Benefits of airline credit cards

· Lower future travel expenses
· Associated benefits such as zero cost for undeclared baggage, access to VIP lounges, coverage for lost trips or suitcases
· Attractive welcome bonuses

Frequent questions

How to choose an airline credit card?

Airline credit cards are intended for two types of people: loyal to a single airline and frequent travelers or buyers. Most of your purchases will accumulate miles, which can be redeemed for benefits for your future getaways.

How can I earn more miles?

Below are examples of categories that will typically earn you more miles with your airline cards:

· Purchases of plane tickets and assets on board
· Restaurants
· Gasoline
· Supermarkets

How do I redeem my miles?

Airline miles can be redeemed through your credit card issuer or directly through an airline. When you log into your airline's website, you'll find that flights are listed by their dollar amount and mileage amount; sometimes, you can alternate between the two.

Miles redeemed through your issuer's rewards portal can be reserved for flights or hotels, as well as other rewards such as cash back, gift cards, or even donations.

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